Things Happen

Stuff worth sharing - or not.


About Me

I’m Alex, co-founder of othermo where we create intelligent heating systems to save nature and money at the same time.

Currently I’m also studying computer science at Fulda, University of Applied Sciences in the last semester, writing my bachelor thesis. I’m writing about how to get bots smart enough to come up with interesting strategies in StarCraft Broodwar, just in case you wonder. Besides that I’m playing SysAdmin (or BADASS) at the General Students Committee (I like that word - so official).

In the future there might arrive several articles here about stuff that I encounter or think that it is worth to share it. Actually I’ll also put stuff here that’s not interesting for you - things happen.

In the past I was working for a small science project ProGesture where we build tool support for 3D human-computer gesture interaction.